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Central Bohemia Mobility Programme for Excellence in Research, Innovation and Technology

Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme for making exceptional research in the Czech Republic

MERIT principles

International mobility

Opportunities beyond borders


Academic/non-academic mobility


Knowledge from various disciplines


Richness in differences

How it works

2. step
2. step

Prepare and submit your application.

Read carefully the Guide for applicants and the technical proposal template before you apply in the section How to apply and get familiarised with the Terms & Conditions of the Programme.

3. step
3. step

Wait for the selection committees to decide

The evaluation and selection process takes around 4 months. The first phase is a written evaluation. If you are succesful in the written evaluation, you will be invited for an oral interview.

4. step
4. step

You will be informed about the result.

All the candidates will be informed about their results. The succesful candidates will be invited to sign a work contract with the chosen Hosting organisation.

Success stories

Brankica Kubatova, PhD

Stellar Physics Department of the Astronomical Institute
Introduction to the story I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I completed my PhD in 2012 at the Faculty of Mathematics…
Full story
Brankica Kubatova, PhD
Success stories

Daniele Margarone, PhD

Eli Beamlines
Introduction to the story I graduated in Physics in 2004 and obtained his PhD degree in Italy in 2008 conducting…
Full story
Daniele Margarone, PhD
Central Bohemia map

Work and Life in Central Bohemia

Central Bohemia is not only a region with great innovation potential but also a nice place to live. See the most attractive destinations in Central Bohemia in the short video. If you decided to settle in the Central Bohemia Region, you made the right decision.

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Find more informations

The Central Bohemia Region has long been one of the most economically developed regions in the Czech Republic. Measured in GDP per capita, the level of economic prosperity reaches 84% of the EU28 average.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of research can I propose?

You can propose any kind of research (basic or applied), however, MERIT Programme has a focus on closer market/society research. But you should be aware that your proposal will be evaluated by, among other things, the novelty of the proposed research, and the adequacy and quality of the interdisciplinary, international and intersectoral dimension of the research plan. Including gender dimension in the research.

Is it mandatory to submit a proposal with a research group that appears on the MERIT website?

Yes. To see the complete list of research groups you can follow this link.

Can I apply to other research organisations that are not part of MERIT – Host Organisations?

No. MERIT Host Orgnisations open to receive fellows consist of 15 excellent research organisations. To see the complete list of Host Organisations you can follow this link.

Are there priority research areas?

Yes. These are: 1) Biotechnologies and Biomedicine, 2) Laser technologies, 3) Space technologies, 4) Sustainable energy and materials, and 5) Digitalisation, including Artificial Intelligence. To know more about them follow this link.

When should the fellowship start?

As soon as the evaluation and selection process has been completed and a definitive list of beneficiaries is available, the process of recruiting the selected researchers will start. Direct communication will be established between the HO and the selected fellow and the process will finalize with a signed contract. Taking into account the administrative procedures for the recruitment, migration process, and relocation, the fellowships are expected to start by April 2024.

How many calls will the programme offer? And how many fellowships are available in each of the calls?

The programme offers two calls (first call April - June 2023; second call January - March 2024), each of which is expected to finance approximately 15 fellowships.

Which is the duration of the fellowship?

The fellowships will have a minimum duration of 24 months and a maximum duration of 30 months. The research proposals should be drafted considering the selected months. The programme is designed to welcome fellows in a family-friendly environment, offering support and guidance in this crucial career phase.

What is the remuneration of the fellowships?

The total value of a MERIT fellowship is €5,680/person/month. Breakdown as follow:
  • Fellow allowance: €3,980 euros per month. It covers the salary, social security, contributions, taxes and other costs included in the remuneration. This amount will be taxable according to the Czech national laws and regulations.
  • Mobility allowance: €200 per month. It is provided to compensate for the cost of the required personal and household relocation of the fellow and his/her dependents. This amount will be taxable according to the Czech national laws and regulations.
  • Family allowance: Up to €500 per month. This will be paid if the researcher has family obligations and will be two-level €250 for researchers with family obligations not including children; €500 for researchers with family obligations including children. This amount will be taxable according to the Czech national laws and regulations.
  • Travel allowance: €300 per month. It covers travel expenses for training/events, workshops, conferences, etc. This amount will not be taxable and will be based on reimbursement of expenses.
  • Research costs: €400 per month. It covers research-related costs and materials and small equipment purchases. Based on reimbursement of expenses.
  • Training in transferable and research skills: €300 per month. Expenses for the training in research and transferable skills and coaching/mentoring.
Special Needs Allowance will be applied in the case of researchers with disabilities selected within MERIT.

Central Bohemian Innovation Center

As an open and customer-oriented innovation agency we support entrepreneurs in fulfilling their ambitions and expanding their companies, and we help connect  research institutions and ideas with businesses in order to bring state-of-the-art innovations and solutions. We also develop regional innovation ecosystem.

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Prague 5, Czech Republic


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