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Czech Technical University in Prague, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings
Sustainable energy and Materials

Czech Technical University in Prague, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings

General description


The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) was founded in 1707 and is one of the oldest technical universities in Europe and currently the major technical university in the Czech Republic. UCEEB was founded in 2012 as an independent institute of the CTU. Main goal of UCEEB is to produce knowledge in the field of energy efficiency of buildings and to implement such knowledge in practice through close cooperation with industry and municipalities. UCEEB is divided into five research departments that include decreasing of energy demand in buildings, efficient usage of renewable sources, systems of intelligent control, indoor environmental quality and environmental links. UCEEB is a reaction to one of the European Union’s largest priorities aimed at optimisation of energy efficiency of buildings. The centre also participates in European scientific projects, such as the Joint Technology Initiative on Energy Efficient Buildings, which is based on the EU’s targets for carbon dioxide emissions. UCEEB is a holder of the European HR Excellence in Research Award.

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

  • Equipment for experimental research in all areas of building physics: hygrothermal laboratory, climatic chambers, climatic rooms etc., infrared photography (IR), partical imaging velocimetry (PIV), building energy concepts, technical systems for HVAC, photovoltaic laboratory, acoustic laboratory, material laboratory, fire laboratory.
  • Artificial sun – testing stand for solar-energy harvesting elements. Experimental equipment for mechanical testing of building component up to full scale testing. New unique facility for side-by side experiments under real climatic condition will be available as well. A testing plot for large full-scale testing and observations. Tools for advanced simulations.
  • Laboratory of Heat Pumps: Multi-purpose climate chamber with two separated rooms. Two separate measuring loops for testing ground, water and air source heat pumps. Portable analyzer of heat pumps and cooling devices for function and performance diagnostics during operation.
  • Solar Laboratory SOLA B2: In/out door test stands for solar collectors, solar simulator, test stand for determining the optical characteristics of transparent materials, portable ultrasonic flow & heat meter, mertel eurotest PV device for complete testing and diagnostics, mass flow meters for fluids’ measuring.


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Contact us to know more about our location and work environment. Please use the main contact for questions related to administrative matters. Please contact the supervisors/group leaders of respective research groups regarding feasibility of your research proposal with regard to the research group activities.

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The following research groups of this Hosting organisation are involved in the first call of MERIT. The candidates can freely formulate their own research topic aligned with activities and research focus of these research groups.

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