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Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Biotechnology and Biomedicine

Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

General description


The IAPG is a multidisciplinary research institution that provides a dynamic environment with internationally recognised research in evolutionary, molecular, developmental and tumour biology. The Institute’s teams have contributed significantly to elucidating the nature of diseases of the nervous system and cancer, understanding the response of animals to past and future global warming, and exploring the basis and significance of non-Mendelian evolution. Research on animal models of human disease aims to identify new biomarkers and validate therapeutic methods.

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

  • Laminar flow boxes and cell incubators, centrifuges for cell and protein analyses, preparation and fluorescence microscope, equipment for protein and DNA electrophoresis and bacterial cloning, equipment for automatic cell imaging, nucleoporation, luminometry and protein purification, cryogenic storage facility, darkroom, ultracentrifuge, confocal microscope
  • State-of-the-art facility for DNA and RNA research (including the PyroMark pyrosequencing platform, a DNA sequences, an automated epMotion pipetting system, computers with software for data processing and various types of data analysis, etc.)
  • State-of-the-art genomic and transcriptomic approaches, protein analysis, and computational modelling.
  • Infrastructure for imaging of mammalian germ cells and embryos, animal’s house.


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Contact person

Contact us to know more about our location and work environment. Please use the main contact for questions related to administrative matters. Please contact the supervisors/group leaders of respective research groups regarding feasibility of your research proposal with regard to the research group activities.

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Research groups

The following research groups of this Hosting organisation are involved in the first call of MERIT. The candidates can freely formulate their own research topic aligned with activities and research focus of these research groups.

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