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Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
Biotechnology and Biomedicine

Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

General description


The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering is the second youngest faculty of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague and was established in 2005. In 2023 was the whole faculty evaluated as the third within the Czech Technical University regarding the scientific outcome based on the number of d1, Q1 and Q2 published papers related to the number of employees. Selected Research teams obtained significant international awards as for example Corovent (lung ventilator for emergency use), metamaterials used for aplicators within hyperthermia, application of modeling and simulation used within the clinical medicine, 3D printing in medicine, UWB radar for clinical usage, and others. There is a long history of activities within the telemedicine projects and applied scientific results also. Faculty has a lot of utility models and patents.

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

  • scientific apparatuses
  • medical devices and educational sets and tools, i.e. simulated workplace of ICU including the whole body clinical simulator
  • set of different 3D printers for different materials
  • complete facilities for the implementation of preventive maitenance of the majority of medical devices used at ICU
  • specialised clean rooms for nanotechnology processes
  • specialized microscopes including AFM
  • scientific devices for diamond like carbon layer depositions
  • different lasers
  • complete facilities for design and production of prototypes with respect to the microwave technology
  • medical devices and telemetry with respect to the diabetes
  • set of modelling and simulation softwares
  • experimental sets for X-ray experiments, a lot of simulators and testers for different medical sciences and robotic medical devices for therapy


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Contact us to know more about our location and work environment. Please use the main contact for questions related to administrative matters. Please contact the supervisors/group leaders of respective research groups regarding feasibility of your research proposal with regard to the research group activities.

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The following research groups of this Hosting organisation are involved in the first call of MERIT. The candidates can freely formulate their own research topic aligned with activities and research focus of these research groups.

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