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Kutná Hora Technical High School

Kutná Hora Technical High School

General description


The Technical High school of Kutná Hora educates 400+ students between 15 to 20 years old (level K-10 to K-13) with focus on electrical engineering and information technology. The school follows the latest trends and requirements of the 21st century. The fields offered by the school are undoubtedly among the fastest growing areas and the students are familiar with concepts such as virtual reality, IoT, electromobility, robotics and artificial intelligence. There are several perfectly equipped laboratories in which the practical part of teaching takes place. In order to achieve the goals that the school has set itself, it constantly educates the teachers in the latest technological innovations.  Graduates are employed in modern companies and organizations, establish their own successful companies or continue their studies at the most prestigious universities. In the framework of MERIT, the school is willing to host researchers for secondments (which will engage researchers in teaching activities, including leading workshops for Czech students) and to co-organise Citizen Science workshops as part of the career development program for MERIT fellows.


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