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Emil Kolben Technical High School

Emil Kolben Technical High School

General description


Emil Kolben Technical High educates students between 15 to 20 years old (level K-10 to K-13) in 3 educational fields (IT, Electrical Engineering and Machinery Engineering). The school´s goal is to supports individual development of students in STEM/STEAM process and also to widely spread maker education. The school considers the motivation and involvement of students to be the key assumption for their education and future career. Robotics, programming, 3D print and automation are part of the school curriculum so as other vocational subjects. The school is a partner of the Faculty of Electricity part of West Bohemian University and of many industrial companies. In the framework of MERIT, the school is willing to host researchers for secondments (which will engage researchers in teaching activities, including leading workshops for Czech students) and to co-organise and host Citizen Science workshops as part of the career development program for MERIT fellows.


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2 calls
30 fellowships
30 months