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Santiago chemikalie
Chemistry Non-academic

Santiago chemikalie

General description


Santiago chemikalie is an SME. Santiago Lab provides chemical synthesis services and specializes in custom synthesis and contract research. The company offers expertise in synthetic and medicinal chemistry through collaborative efforts on a broad range of targets, such as biologically active compounds; special reagents with unique properties; small libraries of compounds; long-term synthetic support (e.g. biochemical research) or other compounds targeted to meet customers’ specific needs.

Key research infrastructure


Company owns a fully equipped organic synthetic lab with all necessary infrastructure. Key equipment:

  • LC-MS (Shimadzu LC-MS-2020): The company owns and, on a daily basis, uses the LC-MS system of Shimadzu company for fast and efficient analysis of reaction mixtures and products. The system can operate in normal (silica gel, organic solvents) or inverted mode (C18, water-based mixtures of solvents).
  • Lyophilizer (Gregor Instruments) Lyophilizer (Gregory instruments, model L4-110) allows efficient and safe freeze-drying of sensitive compounds (nucleosides) at temperatures down to –110 °C. Extending shelf life and making it more convenient for transport.
  • Automatic flash chromatography systems (ECOM): The company currently owns four fully automatic flash chromatography systems that allow purification of reaction mixtures. These systems can be used to purify mg up to 20 g of product and run in normal or inverted mode.
  • NMR (Bruker 500 MHz) NMR machine for analysing reaction mixtures and final products. Possibility of measuring simple experiments (1H, 13C, 31P) as well as more sophisticated 2D experiments (COSY, HMQC, HSQC).


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