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General description is a non-profit initiative founded in 2019 by the Czech Technical University, Charles University, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague with the goal to transform Prague into a European centre for artificial intelligence (AI). Through building an inclusive innovation platform, supports talent and business, strengthen the relations between research and application, promote the local ecosystem abroad, and enlighten the public on the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence, thereby contributing to economic and societal development of the Czech Republic. Apart from the founding organisations, has an industrial member base comprising of highly accomplished AI companies, such as Avast Software. as an ecosystem building organisation has no research facilities of its own. Its academic founding members however belong to the most prominent research institutions in the area of AI in the Czech Republic and have necessary facilities for first-class research.


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Contact us to see if your research project alligns with our priorities and to know more about secondment possibilites in our organisation at the application stage.

Lenka Kučerová

Lenka Kučerová

Community & Partnerships Manager


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