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Luleå University of Technology

Luleå University of Technology

General description


Luleå University of Technology was established in 1971 and today has 17 200 students (50 % women and 50 % men) and 1 770 staff (48 % women and 52 % men). 43 % of the turnover is education and 57 % research. Research and education are characterized by a strong experimental and applied profile with several large and well-equipped laboratories. LTU is profiled on applied research and has the highest proportion of corporate funded research among Swedish universities. LTU’s research is conducted in close collaboration with industries and big companies such as LKAB, SSAB, Ericsson, Boliden, ABB, Epiroc and leading international universities. Luleå University of Technology offers seven different research groups willing to act as hosts during secondments: Chemistry of Interfaces, Industrial AI and eMaintenance, Engineering Materials, Urban Water Engineering, Structural Engineering, Process Metallurgy, Atmospheric Science and Space Systems. Luleå University of Technology received the HR Excellence in Research Award in 2018.

Key research infrastructure

  • Bruker AVANCE-III/Aeon 400 MHz triple-channel NMR spectrometer with two liquid probes (5 and 10 mm) and a wide range of MAS probes for solids
  • eMaintenance Lab – provides with necessary digital components and infrastructure for materialisation of AI in industrial contexts, including design and development humancentric apps using haptic devices, Augmented Reality devices, and Virtual Reality devices.
  • Gas adsorption equipment (gravimetric and volumetric)
  • Environmental laboratory
  • Mobile laboratory for field work
  • Asteroid Engineering Lab, Atmospheric Physics Lab, Nano Satellite Lab, Planetary Ices Lab, Space Education, Lab, Space Propulsion Lab, Spacecraft Avionics Lab – airbearing/frictionless table with manipulators and hardware-in-the-loop platform


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