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Hydronaut Project
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Hydronaut Project

General description


Hydronaut is an innovative project operated by Hydronaut a.s, which is an SME. The project was accepted to the ESA BIC incubator program in 2020. Hydronaut station can be used for astronaut training, special projects, medical, biological and psychological research. Hydronaut is a research and training station designed for long-term stays of small groups of scuba divers underwater. The station was designed for wide spectrum of research, ranging from the impact of isolation and extreme environment on human psychology to testing technology functioning under extreme pressure. Thanks to its unique construction allowing the station to change its depth dynamically, its usability is exceptionally wide. It includes research and training programs, hyperbaric medicinal and psychological research, development and testing of technology, special army units or space agencies training.

Key research infrastructure

  • Hydronaut H03 DeepLab
  • Control Tower
  • Surface Unit
  • Equipment: The module is equipped with cutting-edge available technology for environmental control, communication and data gathering. Some functions are only possible thanks to unique systems or prototypes.
  • Station and Mission Control Software: The station is equipped with wide range of sensors controlled by Common Tongue – their own board system. Thanks to Common Togue, they can monitor the crew 24/7, communicate with them, plan their program and have access to data on everything that is happening under the surface.


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