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Biotechnology Non-academic


General description


Essence line is a biotech SME with its own research & development, founded in 2002. The team includes professionals with analytical and technological background focusing on market-driven development, products and services primarily in the areas related to health, REACH, genotoxicity, endocrine disruptors, cytotoxicity, DNA diagnostics and other biochemical analyses. Over the last decade, the company has established among the leading academic institutions and private pharma and biotech companies both in the Czech Republic and worldwide, delivering products and services on a turnkey level. ESSENCE LINE has participated in EU-supported research projects focused on developing new diagnostic tools and advanced laboratory facilities especially focusing on health care and environment.

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

  • 2 x High throughput robot for biochip production
  • RT-PCR
  • Pipetting station
  • 2 x microarray scanners
  • Bioinformatics HW a SW
  • Spektrophotometers and spektrometers
  • Laboratory for development and testing of diagnostic instruments
  • Molecular biology facility (flow boxes, fumes, incubators)


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2 calls
30 fellowships
30 months