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General description


CRYTUR is an SME with 290 employees. The company is the integrated provider of opto-electronic solutions for science and hi-tech industrial applications and one of the world’s leading companies in synthetic crystal manufacturing and processing with a strong focus on niche applications and client specific projects built on high expertise and close cooperation in research and development. The key to CRYTUR’s long term success lies in coherent material application and proprietary research and development resulting in a wide variety of crystal-based detectors and devices as well as new materials. This approach has made CRYTUR to become the world’s leading supplier of scintillation detectors for electron microscopy.

Key research infrastructure

  • Modern facility with sophisticated proprietary crystal growing technologies and precise machining to meet the highest production standards. Achieving top production quality would not be possible without maintaining strict control throughout the whole manufacturing process and constant modernization of production technologies.


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