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General description


CARDAM is an R&D SME focused on the development of innovative, technically and technologically advanced solutions and products by using high level of mathematical simulations and additive technologies. CARDAM provides complete engineering solutions for the development of new applications and manufacturing processes and supports companies to develop their new knowledge and know-how in the industry. CARDAM aims to create technical and economical added value for all customers, based on the effective collaboration between the Czech Academy of Sciences and industrial enterprises. This innovative platform contributes to the development of the future product portfolio and new production processes and allows a dynamic transition towards the additive design and manufacturing technologies in the Czech Republic and Europe.

Key research infrastructure

  • CARDAM simul: a unique software tool for advanced mathematical calculations and simulations.
  • Laboratories for mechanical testing, where it is possible to test mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, notch toughness, heat resistance, etc.


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Contact us to see if your research project alligns with our priorities and to know more about secondment possibilites in our organisation at the application stage.


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